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Monthly Archives: September 2010

Time to ditch your cable ?

Tweet I have nothing against cable TV, but I still don’t understand the idea of packages and paying for tons of channels I never watch.  I mean, our wedding packages don’t include a complementary shoot of the groom’s best man’s cousin’s uncles dog.  Why do I need to have all these “extras”?  Extras that I […]

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Virginia State Fairin’ It!

Tweet Tractors, calves giving birth, fried Oreos, fried dough, fried lemonade, fried EVERYthing, bunnies, flags…southerners, northerners, farmers, staffers, techies, lumberjacks, Nascar fans, bureaucrats, free spirits, families…face paint, carnival rides, things that go ’round, things that go up, things that should come down, crafts, candy, fudge…more tractors…vintage, historical, charming.  A collision of worlds.  Not quite the […]

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Another fall, another (very cool) iteration of military chic

Tweet This fall seems to be all about the military chic.  Again.  And, I’m certainly not complaining.  I love it.  It’s relaxed, comfortable, and can actually be quite feminine.  I kind of feel like every year, as the seasons change, I end up indulging in more jackets with VERY subdued epaulets (since I’m far from […]

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Creative entrepreneurship in the streets of DC

Tweet This past weekend, G and I ventured to Dupont Circle in Washington, DC for a friend’s birthday celebration at Current Sushi.  As many of you know, or at least those of you who’ve been to or lived in DC, it’s never easy to find parking in Dupont, home of some of the city’s finest […]

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Inspired by Isabel and her truck: a tale of mobile foods

Tweet As if it weren’t totally obvious, we cherish food.  We don’t have little ones running around yet or pets, so our our kitchen probably gets the most unconditional love and mushy adoration.  Anyway, one of our favorite things to do is to try street foods.  You’re probably thinking…hot dogs?  Gyros?  Nasty.  Dirty.  Wrong.  We […]

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Members-only discounts for luxury + designer brands

Tweet I’m (kinda) proud to admit it, I’m an avid shopper.  And, when I have the time, I’m all about finding a good sale.  I’ve tried signing up for a variety of the members-only sites that allow you access to one-of-a-kind, daily deals on luxury brands and top designers.  The New York Times even featured […]

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Chompin’ on a post-run frittata

Tweet Creative breakfasts!  Live.  For.  Them. You’ve heard us talk about running a lot.  And, I’m sure it gets old.  Trust me, it’s getting a bit, well, cumbersome for us as well.  Kind of cramps the lifestyle if you like to eat protein on Saturdays, go out past 9pm, and live a normal life.  But, […]

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Fitbit – the next generation pedometer

Tweet Gone are the days of the pedometer. Nowadays, you have access to numerous ways to keep tabs on your health and fitness. Say hello to “Fitbit”. If you’re one of those people who’d like to know more than just the # of steps taken and the average calories burned per day, then you’re the […]

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Wedding Blogs for the Bride (+ Groom!)

Tweet It’s crazy how the wedding blogosphere has taken off in the last several years!  And, of course, also very exciting because it gives creative people in the industry a platform to discuss style, fashion, and design, inform and inspire, and sometimes even ramble…as the case may be for us.  Hahaha.  Anyway, here are some […]

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