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Chompin’ on a post-run frittata

Creative breakfasts!  Live.  For.  Them.

You’ve heard us talk about running a lot.  And, I’m sure it gets old.  Trust me, it’s getting a bit, well, cumbersome for us as well.  Kind of cramps the lifestyle if you like to eat protein on Saturdays, go out past 9pm, and live a normal life.  But, we’re training for a marathon…for the very first, and probably last, time.  It’s ROUGH.  Not gonna lie.  But, the feeling you get after finishing a long run or race.  Nothing compares.  Well, this past weekend, we looked at our PR training schedule and it said 20 miles.  Uh, yeah.  When you’re training for a marathon, getting to 20-22 miles is pretty much all you need to do before race day.  So we’ve been told.  So, we prepared big time.  And, part of our preparation was thinking about what we would eat Sunday morning after we came back home exhausted, famished, ready to plop down on the couch, veg, and watch some football.  Usually, we’ll have a bagel (actually, make that 2).  But, we decided to try our hand at a little culinary creativity this time.  And, the first thing that came to mind was a frittata / Spanish tortilla / quiche without the dough sorta dish.

So, the night before the training run, we got out a bunch of ingredients, including: cilantro – a staple in our house -, red onion, mushroom, and red peppers.  Cut to the next morning – we whipped out the eggs, the cheese, and the milk and basically combined everything somewhat artistically (though not really knowing what we were doing…since, as usual, we were making up the entire recipe).  We then threw it in a cake pan and turned the dial to bake.  Et, voila!

Cliff notes version of the recipe (for 2 very hungry people):

- Combine the following: large handful of cilantro, 1/3 medium-sized red onion chopped, 1 whole red pepper chopped, 5 sizable mushrooms chopped

- Add 4 (cage-free / natural) eggs + 2 egg whites

- Add 1/2 cup of nonfat (organic) milk

- Add grated (organic) sharp cheddar, to taste…tried to find a way to insert the word “palate” here, but failed

- Stir for 2-3 minutes

- Pour into a cake pan

- Bake on 350 for 25-30 minutes

- Plating

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