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Creative entrepreneurship in the streets of DC

This past weekend, G and I ventured to Dupont Circle in Washington, DC for a friend’s birthday celebration at Current Sushi.  As many of you know, or at least those of you who’ve been to or lived in DC, it’s never easy to find parking in Dupont, home of some of the city’s finest dining and going out spots (a close second, in my opinion, to Penn Quarter).  And, Friday and Saturday nights can be rough if you’re not traveling on foot or by metro.

So, as we got to Dupont, we immediately started looking for parking.  Shockingly, it only took us about 3 minutes to find an open spot.  But, we soon came to realize there was a twist.  It came with a price.  Literally.  Someone had put a cone in the spot.  Of course my initial reaction was…what kind of [insert expletive] would even try to claim a public spot with a cone?  Then, a man approached.  He smiled and batted his eye lashes…I swear!  And, then he asked for some money in exchange for moving the cone and giving us the spot.  Now, again, normally I would think…uh, CRAZY illegal!  But, he was taking entrepreneurial to a new and interesting level.  So, we granted him his wish, rewarded him with $2 for his urban innovation, and he abruptly moved the cone (thanking us all along) so we could park.  And, to top it all off, he even offered to watch our car all night.

Sure, we may have been a bit too trusting, perhaps even suckered into something that we should have fought our way out of (since we knew full well that, technically, he couldn’t hold the spot).  But, in the end, we saved a lot of time.  And, when it comes down to it, time is often much more precious than money.

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