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Time to ditch your cable ?

I have nothing against cable TV, but I still don’t understand the idea of packages and paying for tons of channels I never watch.  I mean, our wedding packages don’t include a complementary shoot of the groom’s best man’s cousin’s uncles dog.  Why do I need to have all these “extras”?  Extras that I could care less about?  We live in a society that, crazily, likes coke with unlimited re-fills and all-you-can-eat buffets.  Sad, but true.  As we’re beginning to realize that neither are good for you, we’re moving towards a la carte ordering.  I do like the experience that cable tv offers, especially with all of the HD channels (even though, granted, I pay extra for these too).  However, the whole concept of current, extensive on-demand content is lacking in the world of cable.  Not to mention having to remember to set your DVR.  And, for those who don’t use a DVR or have never heard of it, it’s even worse when your entire evening revolves around your favorites shows.

We’ve owned a ROKU for more than 2 years – it’s a little box attached to your TV that streams content via the internet. If you have a Netflix membership, then this is definitely a must-have, no kidding. I think we’ve ordered a DVD maybe a few times since we stream all movies via Roku.  True, not all movies can be streamed, but the collection is increasing everyday.  I’ve heard that Netflix is even thinking of offering a streaming-only subscription. There are other competitors out there, most notably the new Apple TV.  Both Apple and Roku offer boxes for under $100, which is a great deal, and there is no subscription charge for either.  But, where Roku shines is its numerous channels; there’s no conflict of interest because their sole focus is hardware.  And, they’re also including international channels that we often like to watch.  Roku offers 3 different boxes starting at $59 and, for 90% of the people out there, that $59 box will do wonders.  You can stream Netflix, Pandora, Rivision 3, Amazon VOD, MLB TV and more.  You name it, it will work!

We recently ordered a second one for the living room.  We love it that much.  :)  So, if you’re interested in a device that has streaming capabilities and you’re a fan of Netflix, Roku is your answer.

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