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Thank You, WeddingWire!

Tweet So, some very exciting news just came our way. We’ve been recognized as one of WeddingWire’s top-rated wedding photographers! It’s such an honor, especially since we value our clients’ input greatly. And, we’d like to take this opportunity to, once again, thank everyone we’ve worked with and will be working with this year for […]

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Tweet So, this is one of those reflective posts that begins with “this time, last year”. Mainly because this time, last year we were marveling in the excitement of Diwali. In India. As it should be. Hence the picture above…  It wasn’t my first trip to India, but it was my first time celebrating Diwali, […]

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Gear Check!

Tweet Today, we’re talking gear.  Yeehaw!  We love gear.  G, in particular.  Shocking?  Not so much.  He’s a total dude when it comes to gadgets and things that plug in and things that tick and tock and involve keyboards and USBs.  Although, running gear isn’t only about cutting-edge technology.  It’s about the clothes, the shoes, […]

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Tips, Tricks, and Running Treats!

Tweet It’s Day 3, which means we’re well into our count-down!  We figured we’d post a little running 101 today, from our perspective.  And, just a quick NB, these tips are pre-race tips.  We haven’t technically made it through the finish line.  And we’re certainly not experts.  So, feel free to take our advice with […]

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The highs + lows of distance running

Tweet After running seriously for about 2 years, we’ve finally come to realize – and somewhat reluctantly embrace the fact – that running really does entail a series of highs, lows, and in-betweens.  Our first day of training in early July was intimidating, mainly because we were thinking…what the — have we gotten ourselves into?  […]

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Let the 26.2 mile count-down begin!

Tweet About 6 months ago, we took the plunge, decided to give up Saturday night randomness with friends and family, and signed up for the Marine Corps Marathon – which, I believe, may be one of the largest 26.2 milers on this side of the Mason Dixon.  At the time, it seemed achievable, well, kind […]

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Happy anniversary to our fellow October-ites!

Tweet Normally, we’d channel our inner geek and wax technology and cutting-edge gadgets today.  BUT, it’s our anniversary, so please forgive us for the slightly cheesy post.  On October 13, 2007, we got married in Lansdowne, VA.  Which is close to Leesburg.  Which is close to Reston.  And Arlington.  And DC.  Oh, you get the […]

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Wedding Blogs for the Bride (+ Groom!)

Tweet It’s crazy how the wedding blogosphere has taken off in the last several years!  And, of course, also very exciting because it gives creative people in the industry a platform to discuss style, fashion, and design, inform and inspire, and sometimes even ramble…as the case may be for us.  Hahaha.  Anyway, here are some […]

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Mom and Dad, happy 40th wedding anniversary

Tweet I have always been obsessed with old family pictures. I was born a little too late to remember what my parents looked like in their 20s, even their early 30s.  I can’t even picture my dad without a mustache. My sister made the brilliant decision a couple of years ago to scan some of […]

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Holiday mini sessions with KP

Tweet So, it’s that time of the year again! I know, it’s hard to believe. Kind of feels like we went from 60 inches of snow to 100 degrees in the blink of an eye! Now that fall is fast approaching, we know that our clients, past, present, and future, are looking forward to the […]

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